Teach others to shine their own light….To be like the light from a lighthouse …

                               All of us embracing this spirit of giving , can share the joy by being the lighthouse…


Mona Ahmad: My mission in life is to uplift others… Years ago I was depressed, hated this life, closed up my shell thinking I’ll be untouchable… Through practicing yoga, Reiki and painting, I started to see a whole new world… I discovered that only by loving my own self that I can start to share this love with others… I learned through my experience that there is no good or bad in life only precious lessons to learn from, and this I would like to share with You… Together we can build a better world… Open your eyes, smile to yourself and discover the beauties around, starting from within… This is the magic of Kundalini Yoga, it is the yoga of awareness and unity. when the self doesn’t exist anymore and becomes one with the whole… I would love to invite you to try this sacred science for yourselves, for thousands of words can’t replace one heartfelt experience…

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Level I & II teacher

Radiant Child Yoga, Child Play

Sat Nam Rasyan Level II Practitioner

Trance Dance Facilitator


Dirk De Smet: My life was superficial and reactive, I blamed everyone and I became angry for a futility. By practicing Zen, the hours in silence broke me, no words, no action, just experiencing, allowing everything to come to the surface. Pain and sorrow, joy and bliss, all thoughts and emotions past by and I became awareness, my infinite true nature within me. Layer per layer, my mental center, my concepts and constructions were teared apart. With my Tantra practice and Kundalini Yoga my armor around my heart-center began to melt and depressing feelings and pain made place for deep joy. My life center became vital and balanced, I became conscious of my deep fears and anxiety and instead of reacting and blaming, I can respond to live. Experience life from within, see the magic, problems are our greatest opportunities. Master live, see what keeps us off the road, where do we cheat ourselves, where are our addictions (eating, drinking, sex…) Enjoy life, love yourself till you’re fulfilled and become radiant love to others. I invite you to join me on this journey to unveil ourselves to our true nature day by day. Live, love, laugh from the heart.
KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Level I





Param Nishan: Yoga brought me into the power of the heart… When I came alone after a divorce in 2007 as a young father I risked to loose everything that was dear to me… The valley was deep, I ended up in a crisis to allow eventually the true love in my life, to have a heart for myself… Through Yoga and meditation I got in contact with my essence and learned what true love is… Following various styles of yoga to deepen my experience and allow myself to grow, my self confidence became stronger, more energetic and so is the acceptance of who I really am… Through the different styles of Yoga practice my journey brought me to the mother of all Yoga: Kundalini Yoga… For me this was the most complete form of yoga where you can experience self- consciousness in all its facets… It is a way of life that helps you to how to handle in full autonomy, focused in essence from a natural state of being…
It supports you right where you experience difficulties in life… This yoga teaches you to come into a state of silence from where you can face difficulties in life… In this way issues will not block your path, you will start to approach it as challenges that you pass through in confidence…
Certified in the art of guiding
Intuitive sculptor and Falconer
KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Level I

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