Advanced Gong Therapy Training with Mehtab Benton

2 & 3 July,  10:00-17:00


Very excited to welcome Mehtab Benton at the Lighthouse in July for a Gong Therapy Training. (for those that already know how to play the Gong).

The Gong Therapy training is a certification course in using the gong and the practices of yoga to create a therapeutic environment and transformational experience for physical, mental and spiritual excellence.
The training is suitable for sound healers, yoga teachers, gong players, and therapists from all backgrounds, and will give you the tools and information to conduct one-on one private sessions for individual clients as well as suggestions for using the gong as a therapeutic instrument in a group setting.
In this course taught by Mehtab you will learn about:
The Basis of Sound Healing and Yoga Therapy
How to Structure a Gong Therapy Session
How to Play the Gong Therapeutically
Preparing the Gong Therapy Environment
Client Assessment and Development of Therapy Session
Considerations for Selecting and Using Gongs
Using Mudras, Mantras, and Pranayamas Therapeutically
Guided Meditation and Relaxation for Gong Therapy
Gong Therapy for Groups
Using Gong Therapy with Other Healing Modalities
Gong Therapy as a Profession
Mehtab Benton has trained hundreds of gong players and yoga teachers worldwide. He is the originator and author of Gong Yoga: Healing and Enlightenment Through Sound, published in five international editions and translations. His previous book Teaching Gong Yoga is the first book on using yoga practices with the gong, and his DVD course How To Play the Gong is a best-selling video for beginners. A practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years, Mehtab’s latest book is Gong Therapy: Sound Healing and Yoga the gong in all the practices and traditions of yoga.

Mehtab has taught Kundalini Yoga since 1974 and has trained hundreds of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teachers.  A certified Vedic Astrologer and trainer, Mehtab also offers astrology readings for Gong Players to help them in their selection of Planetary Gongs.
More info over Mehtab:

Registration is required to participate in this Course, e-mail us:

Exchange of Energy: 250 Euros



Capricorn Full moon Tuesday 19 July 20:00-22:00

“As Above, So Below”

“Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit”


Join Mona for the next full moon on Tuesday 19 July 20:00-22:00 for balancing our energies, Gong relaxation & Tantric healing circle meditation…
The Full Moon will be in the sign of Capricon effecting the triple warmer/burner meridian. This meridian controls prana and distribution of energy in the body. Divided into 3 areas; the chest responsible for breathing and moisture in the breath, the abdominal cavity for digestion, and the pelvic area in charge of purification, elimination and sexual energy…

Capricorn also rules the glandular system, the guardians of health and stability in infinite consciousness. Glandular secretions determine the chemistry of the blood, which in turn determines your personality. Fire is about moving from the material to the spiritual…
The triple warmer/burner is responsible for the movement and transformation of various solids and fluids throughout the system, as well as for the production and circulation of nourishing and protective energy… It is a functional energy system, involved in regulating the activities of other organs, composed of three parts, known as ‘burners’, located in thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.
Divided into 3 areas; the chest responsible for breathing and moisture in the breath, the abdominal cavity for digestion, and the pelvic area in charge of purification, elimination and sexual energy…
The Upper Burner controls intake, the Middle Burner controls transformation, the Lower Burner controls elimination.
Also called the three burners in Chinese medicine, this is our primal survival system, it fights off illness in our bodies and is also known as our flight or fight response. Unfortunately it has not evolved along with the changes in our society. Keeping the triple warmer balanced is especially important because many aspects of our modern way of life are registered as invaders by our triple warmer causing it to fight. You know your triple warmer is overloaded if you can’t ever relax, even after meditation, or if you generally feel anxious all the time.
Because triple warmer is a survival function it can pull energy away from other systems leading to immune disorders, stress, chronic fatigue and many other uncomfortable emotions/actions…
It governs three of the body’s mechanisms: The Immune System, The emergency respone to threat “Fight or Flight”, The ability to form habitual behavioral patterns for managing stress or threat…

Capricorn is the sign of climbing mountains, and being dedicated to what matters deeply… It takes us to the depths and the peaks and can root us in the home of the Self and surrounds. This time calls for balancing all the things that pull at us, and for finding a way to tend to both our responsibilities and our need for self care.
Time to connect with the ancient wisdom of the Earth, moving, setting corner stones, plans to flourish, taking control, personal authority, honoring commitments, dedication to what’s most valued. The need to strike a balance between the two opposites so that there is greater harmony and flow…
There’s power, challenge and action embedded in this Full Moon… Its our choice to look at things either as crisis or Opportunities… This fullmoon teachs us how to own our power, which also means being responsible for our emotional responses; empowering ourselves to become our own authorities, while staying mindful of the inner guidance that radiates from our inner core…
This Full Moon can root us in the home of the Self and surrounds, where you take stock of what you’ve got, and what you need. Capricorn is tough love personified, where no means no, and yes is deep commitment…
It reminds us that true integrity can only arise when intuition, will and mind are unified, when Soul and rationality balance each other, and when our worldly plans and ambitions are on track with the wisdom of the Heart…
Physical imbalances: Weak prana, Low energy, Excess mucus, Digestive problems, Disorders of the side of the head, ears, eyes and throat as well as diseases involving the regions through which the meridian runs (gallbladder meridian, pericardium meridian, small intestine meridian)…
When balanced: Kindhearted, stable mind and emotion of joy…
There is no need to register, no experience in Kundalini yoga needed… 15 euros exchange of energy 🙂


Mantra Chanting evening  with Simran Kaur

Friday 23 July 20:00-22:00


Join us for an evening of pure bliss and mantra chanting with Simran Kaur Friday the 23 July 20:00-22:00.

Exchange of energy: 20 euros, there is no need to register 🙂

Special workshop with Simran Kaur at the

Lighthouse Yoga

Saturday 23 July & Sunday 24 July 9:00-17:00

Divine Alignment  & The Heart Rules 


Exchange of energy 90 €

Places are limited – Upfront payment requested

Belgian Kundalini Yoga Fe deration –

Triodos Bank:

IBAN BE29 5230 8073 2064


Please mention your name and the dates you will

participate and send a confirmation mail to


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