Full moon Saturday 21 May 20:00-22:00

“Tune in to Your True Self to Heal the Heart”

One love, one heart, one destiny

Join Mona for the Full moon on Saturday the 21 of May… The Full moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius ruling the Pericardium meridian… We will be working on tuning in to our real self to strengthen, protect and heal the heart center, relaxing to sounds of the gong and healing with the Tantric healing circle meditation…
Full Moon in Sagittarius is a time to benefit of fresh information and new ideas… When the other speaks let us try to listen and understand…
Moon visits Sagittarius to provoke strong positive feeling and optimism. Vitality escalates and good intentions take possession of human mind. If you believe in it, it could really happen…
Sagittarius Full Moon can make us feel more adventurous and optimistic in general. It is the sign of adventure, travel, freedom, discoveries, and higher learning. We may feel restless or reckless, but since Jupiter, the planet of fortune, rules Sagittarius there can be a sense of expansion and quiet joy that exists underneath any of the stressful feelings we encounter. Take a deep breath and walk somewhere, it is a good time for recreation, excursion. It is pleasant and generous time for learning, reading or digging into philosophy.
During this Full Moon we will be experiencing a tug of war between Gemini and Sagittarius themes. The Sun in Gemini will signify ego needs and the Moon in Sagittarius our emotional needs. Gemini rules the mind and how we think. It is associated with all types of communication, articulation and information, both obtaining it and sharing it. Sagittarius is the opposite sign, which means it is the opposite polarity of the same energy. They are both intellectual and love learning, with Gemini being more logical and concerned with details, Sagittarius asks us to take a broader perspective and to think about things philosophically, whether it is logical or not…
Sagittarius is the seeker of truth, and will go far and wide to obtain it. Sagittarius is about philosophy and higher learning and Gemini is about personal expression and communicating. Tune into the truth of your soul, what you know to be true in the deepest places of your being, and know that clarity will arise at some point if not right now…
Ruling the pericardium meridian: The Pericardium Meridian governs circulation and hormones, and protects and regulates the heart… Known as the ‘Heart’s Bodyguard’, the pericardium meridian is the heart’s protector…
The pericardium provides the heart with physical protection, its energy also protects the heart from damage and disruption by excessive emotional energies generated by the other organs, such as anger from the liver, fear from the kidneys, and grief from the lungs…
The pericardium along with the heart and blood vessels run the circulation system and direct the fire element. The quality of fire purifies and transforms. This energy goes towards the heavens, not bound by gravity. When the meridian is balanced we will be generous, warm, and loving. We will also be able to receive criticism and love from others…
The Pericardium Meridian is Paired with: Triple Warmer Meridian
Physical Imbalances: Disorders of the heart, chest, stomach and mind, Hip problems, Cold hands and feet, Rounded shoulders to protect the Heart…
Emotional Imbalances: Difficulty feeling and expressing emotions, depression, aversions, and phobias…
When Balanced: generosity, warmth, Joy, happiness and healthy relationships…
Things to eat: Oatmeal (contains the element silica), A drink of boiled oatmeal. Boil 1 cup of oats in 3L water for 20 min. Strain. Drink 4 cups a day. Red & bitter foods: red beets, Brussels sprouts, rucola, rosemary, oregano, basil, paprika, turmeric, grapefruit, watermelon, quinoa, rye, buckwheat. Drink green or black tea, coffee and chocolate 🙂
Yoga for the pericardium: Alternate leg stretch. Butterfly pose with the palms under the ankles, then bend your head down as far as you can with long deep breathing. Any posture working on the hips. Archer pose is the best pose: Helps to develop a clear and powerful vision. 5‐10 minutes each side.
Meditation for Forgiveness. Done with a partner: Sit in easy pose facing each other, look into your partners eyes. Breathe together long and deep 3-11 minutes <3
There is no need to register, no experience in Kundalini yoga needed… 15 euros exchange of energy 🙂

Gong Training with Gong Master Mark Swan (Satjit)

4-5 June 2016  from 10:00-16:00



This is a course designed to take the absolute beginners and newbies to a place of competence and skill. This course is primarily created for those wishing to work in a ritual healing environment such as doing yoga class or shamanic sound healing space. You’ll learn everything you need in order to be able to hold an energetic space and channel divine sacred sound. No musical ability necessary. Syllabus includes correct mallet use, posture, breath and intention.

In this course you will experience connecting to the Gongs of different planets, healing on their level and learning what it is to be in the flow and allowing yourself to be an instrument that receives the cosmic sounds from the Gongs.

This course is suitable for Kundalini yoga teachers and students but also for anyone who would like to experience a weekend of healing and learning.

Places are limited to 11 persons. 

Registration is required to participate,

if you are interested please e-mail us:

Exchange of Energy: 180 Euros

Paid to: Lighthouse Yoga VZW
Crelan Bank, Account number:
BE81 1030 3118 1124       BIC: NICABEBB

More info about Mark, please visit his website:

Gong Therapy Training with Mehtab Benton

Save the Date: 2 & 3 July 2016


Very excited to welcome Mehtab Benton at the Lighthouse in July for a Gong Therapy Training.

The Gong Therapy training is a certification course in using the gong and the practices of yoga to create a therapeutic environment and transformational experience for physical, mental and spiritual excellence.
The training is suitable for sound healers, yoga teachers, gong players, and therapists from all backgrounds, and will give you the tools and information to conduct one-on one private sessions for individual clients as well as suggestions for using the gong as a therapeutic instrument in a group setting.
In this course taught by Mehtab you will learn about:
The Basis of Sound Healing and Yoga Therapy
How to Structure a Gong Therapy Session
How to Play the Gong Therapeutically
Preparing the Gong Therapy Environment
Client Assessment and Development of Therapy Session
Considerations for Selecting and Using Gongs
Using Mudras, Mantras, and Pranayamas Therapeutically
Guided Meditation and Relaxation for Gong Therapy
Gong Therapy for Groups
Using Gong Therapy with Other Healing Modalities
Gong Therapy as a Profession
Mehtab Benton has trained hundreds of gong players and yoga teachers worldwide. He is the originator and author of Gong Yoga: Healing and Enlightenment Through Sound, published in five international editions and translations. His previous book Teaching Gong Yoga is the first book on using yoga practices with the gong, and his DVD course How To Play the Gong is a best-selling video for beginners. A practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years, Mehtab’s latest book is Gong Therapy: Sound Healing and Yoga the gong in all the practices and traditions of yoga.

Mehtab has taught Kundalini Yoga since 1974 and has trained hundreds of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teachers.  A certified Vedic Astrologer and trainer, Mehtab also offers astrology readings for clients to help them in their selection of Planetary Gongs.
More info over Mehtab:

Registration is required to participate in this Course, e-mail us:

Exchange of Energy: 250 Euros

Paid to: Lighthouse Yoga VZW
Crelan Bank, Account number:
BE81 1030 3118 1124       BIC: NICABEBB

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