Antastha Yoga  with Sanjeev

Join us on Saturday the 26th of July from 14:00-17:00
Antastha yoga is a pure form of yoga following the guidance of Patanjali and his Yoga Sutras. It involves a deep process through which one can experience the real power of yoga on the whole being. It is designed to be very effective so that you don’t need to wait for days, months or weeks, but see results immediately. It is now and here. Antastha yoga will not only improve and heal issues on the physical level, it is also an effective way to get relief from any mental and emotional issues. Antastha yoga is a process through which you will feel and enjoy the real flavor of life to its fullest.
Cost: 45 Euros
Registration is needed:
For more info call or e-mail Serdar:
0476 907 765 


Full Moon in Pisces – 9th of


Let it all out – but not towards



Liver Meridian – Anger – Healing

Join Mona on the next Full moon on Tuesday the 9th of September from 20:00-21:30 for a Full moon Tantric healing Meditation (10 € Cash)… No prior experience in Kundalini Yoga needed, no need to register…
Pisces, the fish, rules the Liver meridian. Liver relates to anger. By working with this influence of the moon, it gives us an opportunity to shed old patterns of reacting. You can clear and heal this energy circuit to give yourself a brighter future.
Signs of imbalance: Foot pain, Tightness in chest or between shoulders
Nausea or indigestion, Irritability or short temper, Eye conditions…


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