Kundalini Yoga workshop with Mona and live music with Harmanderpal…

Balancing the Chakras & Corresponding Organs to release, renew and recharge.
Saturday the 15th of November from 19:00-21:30



Have you ever had that feeling that something was off and you couldn’t put your finger on it? Ever feel like you are depressed and you don’t know why? These could be signs that you are blocked and Kundalini Yoga can help your Energy to flow again!

Join Mona and Lieselot for a 3 hour Journey through Kundalini Yoga and live Music… We will start with Kundalini yoga Kriya guided by live music, deep  healing relaxation with the Gong, ending with meditation and chanting…
Followed by a yummy dinner… No experience in Kundalini yoga or Mantras required…
Please let us know if you would like to join us… 40 euros…
For payment: Either in cash at the Lighthouse or through transfer…
Lighthouse Yoga VZW
BE81 1030 3118 1124  BIC: NICABEBB
Mededeling: Name + Kundalini Workshop

Listen to Harmanderpal ‘s beautiful music on 




Bevrijd je stem met klank- en meditatieve lichaam-flows.

Join Fabienne for one evening or all 3 starting 6th of Ocotober Bevrijd je stem met klank- en meditatieve lichaam-flows.
Fabienne Huygen (danspedagoge, yogalerares en zangeres) inspireert met kristallen klankschalen en haar Goddelijke stem. Verbind je met de bron en ervaar het stromen van de Shakti – de vrouwelijke scheppingskracht.
Dit is de eerste van 2 heerlijke Shakti-avonden, telkens op maandag:


3 november en 1 december, van 20:30u tot 22:00u.
Bijdrage: 15 € per avond.
Betaling via bankrekening van Lighthouse Yoga VZW
BE81 1030 3118 1124 BIC: NICABEBB of cash ter plekke.
Alles is vibratie. Verlevendig en harmonizeer je cellen door af te stemmen op de klanken van je oorsprong!
We luisteren, hummen, chanten en improvizeren met klanken, en eindigen met een diep ontspannend klankbad.
Komen ook aan bod:
– gronding met begeleiding van sjamanentrom
– oefeningen om de stem vrij te maken
– afstemmen op en aligneren van de chakra’s
– bekrachtiging van energievibraties d.m.v. mudra’s
– ondersteuning door klankschalen, monochord…

Voor wie?
Iedereen die dieper wil doordringen in de magie van vibraties en klank.
Om deel te nemen moet je niet kunnen zingen.
Please let us know if you will join:

BE81 1030 3118 1124 BIC: NICABEBB 



Gong Bath with Mark Swan
Friday the 21 of November from 20:00-21:00

Gong Yoga image


Friday night Gong Bath 21st Nov the Moon is in Scorpio, ruling Planet Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. This is the space where we shed the old and outdated and rise up reborn and renewed.

Gong Master Mark Swan- Satjit Singh, will be taking us on an energetic sound journey down into our own underworld using Pluto and Chiron Gongs.

Bring your wounds, your issues and your pain.

This will be a Gong Bath to let go into and be liberated from your Karma and wounds.

Please register for the workshop e-mail:

20 euros for the Gong Healing bath…

Healing with the Planets, a transformational Gong Weekend with Mark Swan (Satjit)

22nd-23rd November


Healing with the Planets; A transformational Gong workshop.

Mark Swan is returning to Lighthouse Yoga for the second time with a whole new set of planetary Gongs in this two day workshop  – Explore the sacred healing sounds of the Planets in our Solar System.

Gong Master and Kundalini Yoga teacher Mark Swan-Satjit Singh, will be holding the space to work with these amazing tuned Paiste Planet Gongs.  

Experiencing these planetary vibrations and playing these Gongs will enable you to discover the healing energies of these magical sacred instruments .

You will be taught how to play the Gong during this transformational weekend and have the opportunity to face the mirror of your deepest self and with the gongs carefully tuned frequencies.

There are no greater teachers than these dynamic Archetypal forces. What you may have blocked for a lifetime can be released forever.

180 Euros for the weekend

For payment Crelan Bank: Lighthouse Yoga VZW
BE81 1030 3118 1124 BIC: NICABEBB
Mededeling: Name + Gong Weekend

Max 12 students, please register in advance :-)

Lighthouse Yoga Broederminstraat 52 Antwerpen