Mantra flow met Fabienne, Garsett en vrienden op vrijdag 23 januari en vrijdag 27 februari




Het samen zingen van mantra’s opent je hart.
Ze zijn een nectar voor je ziel.
Hun vibraties tillen je op naar een hoger bewustzijn.
Deze avond ervaren we de vreugde van samen zingen.
De energie stroomt en laat je niet onbewogen, zoals een rivier die zijn weg zoekt naar de bron.

Een vreugdevolle avond vol klank, beweging en stilte.

Datum: vrijdagavond 23 januari
Tijd: 20.30u-22.00u
Bijdrage: 15 €, studenten 10 €
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Mantra flow with Fabienne, Garsett and friends on Friday January 23 and February 27

The singing of mantras opens your heart.
They are the nectar for your soul.
Their vibrations lift you up to a higher consciousness.
This evening we experience the joy of singing together.
The energy flows and moves you, like a river that finds its way to the source.

A joyful evening full of sound, movement and silence.
Date: Friday evening 23 January and 20 February
Time: 20.30u-22.00u
Contribution: 15 €, students 10 €
Please register in advance:



Full moon 3 February 20:00-22:00

Leo power of the Heart “I Will”



Radiate from the heart, and say: “I Will”
Heart & Chest Area

Join Mona for the healing tantric full moon circle on Tuesday the 3rd of February from 20:00-22:00… We will start with a Kundalini Kriya to release the Heart and chest meridian, heal during the relaxation to the sounds of the Gong and end up with the Tantric Healing Circle…
The full moon of Febraury will be in Leo, the lion, which governs the heart meridian… This meridian is considered the seat of spirituality, and the ruler of wisdom and good judgement… The heart also rules clarity of speech… That is why words can touch our heart so deeply, or hurt so deeply… When the heart is strong we radiate especially from the eyes…
Full Moon in Leo will give us the power to manifest & create all our goals in life! Contribute to our lives & the world… The vital lesson to be learned from the Leo, is that talent is not the problem. Everyone has gifts to share. Our challenge is to persevere through our personal transformation so that we can uncover and fearlessly and confidently offer our unique piece to the whole…
The Leo Lion teaches us to open our hearts to ourselves, to accept and enjoy discovering who we are. Self-worth, self-value and self-love open doors to opportunities and blessings that are not available in any other way.When our hearts are open, we transcend the self-righteousness attitude of thinking we know best for everyone else…
The full moon is a perfect time to channel the fullness of emotions to devotion, allowing our hearts centers to open to kindness and compassion., and to guide us closer to our “sat nam”, our truth …our essence of who we really are…

Imbalance or blockage symptoms: Sadness and sorrow, Confused thinking, Emotional ups & downs, Various speech problems, Insomnia, Loss of taste, High blood pressure, Cataracts, Nervous or Fearful…

Things to eat: All red foods: peppers, red grapes, strawberries, grapefruit, red cabbage etc.

Things to avoid: Too much thinking, time pressure = heart suffers.


There is no  need to register, no experience in Kundalini yoga needed…

15 euros in cash please (we have no bancontact) :-)

Healing with Sound with Fabienne

Monday 2 February 20:30-22:00

Join Fabienne for 2 Mondays,

Monday  2 February  20:30-22:00,
Monday  2 March       20:30- 22:00
15 euros per class…

Please register:
Alles is vibratie. Verlevendig en harmonizeer je cellen door af te stemmen op de klanken van je oorsprong! We luisteren, hummen, chanten en improvizeren met klanken, en eindigen met een diep ontspannend klankbad.
Komen ook aan bod: gronding met begeleiding van sjamanentrom, oefeningen om de stem vrij te maken, afstemmen op en aligneren van de chakra’s, bekrachtiging van energievibraties d.m.v. mudra’s, ondersteuning door kristallen klankschalen, monochord…
Voor wie? Iedereen die dieper wil doordringen in de magie van vibraties en klank.
Om deel te nemen moet je niet kunnen zingen.

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