Klank in Beweging met Fabienne

Monday 27 April, 1 June at 20:30-22:00

Join Fabienne on Monday 27 April    20:30- 22:00

15 euros per class…

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Alles is vibratie. Verlevendig en harmonizeer je cellen door af te stemmen op de klanken van je oorsprong! We luisteren, hummen, chanten en improvizeren met klanken, en eindigen met een diep ontspannend klankbad.
Komen ook aan bod: gronding met begeleiding van sjamanentrom, oefeningen om de stem vrij te maken, afstemmen op en aligneren van de chakra’s, bekrachtiging van energievibraties d.m.v. mudra’s, ondersteuning door kristallen klankschalen, monochord…
Voor wie? Iedereen die dieper wil doordringen in de magie van vibraties en klank.
Om deel te nemen moet je niet kunnen zingen.


Full moon on Monday 4 May 20:00-22:00

Full Moon – Scorpio – Kidneys – Uplift Self & Others

The higher you are, the humbler you must become





Join Mona for the healing tantric full moon circle on Monday the 4th of May from 20:00-22:00… We will start with a Kundalini Kriya to balance the Kidneys Meridian, heal during the relaxation to the sounds of the Gong and end up with the Tantric Healing Circle…

The next full moon on Monday the 4th of May is in the sign of Scorpio effecting the kidney meridian. The kidney energy can be used to soar like an eagle or crawl like the scorpion. To uplift oneself and others is an expression of our creative spirit. Self-gratification and destruction reflects blocked creative energy.

Kidneys, a water element, relate to 2nd chakra, the center of creative energy, sexuality, and passion.

The kidney meridian is a yin meridian (flows upwards), controls the growth and development of bones and nourishes the marrow, which is the body’s source of red and white blood cells… A weak kidney is a prime cause of anemia and immune deficiency…
In traditional Chinese medicine, the spinal cord and the brain are forms of marrow, and therefore poor memory, inability to think clearly, and backache are all regarded as indicators of impaired kidney function and deficient kidney energy…
The Kidney meridian’s vitality is reflected externally by the condition of head and body hair and is associated with the entrance hole of the ears… Tinnitus (ringing ears) is a sign of kidney dysfunction…
The kidneys are the seat of courage and willpower, and therefore any impairment in kidney meridian results in feelings of fear and paranoia. The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste metabolites from the blood and moving them on-wards to the bladder for excretion in urine… Along with the large intestine, the kidneys control the balance of fluids in the body… In addition, they regulate the body’s acid-alkaline balance (pH) by selectively filtering out or retaining various minerals…
The Kidney Meridian is paired with: The Bladder Meridian…
Physical Imbalances: Chest pain, asthma, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, impotence, hernia…
Emotional Imbalances: Hysteria, paranoia, depression, fear, loneliness and insecurity…
When Balanced: Wisdom, rationality, clear perception, gentleness and self-understanding…

There is no need to register, no experience in Kundalini yoga needed… 15 euro in cash please we have no Bancontact :-)  

Healing with the Gong Evening with Mona & Mark

Monday the 18th May from 20:00 – 21:15

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We are constantly being vibrated, on a cellular level, by heard and unheard sound frequencies. Sound has a tremendous influence over human functionality. Sound is vibration that causes resonance and rhythm in our bodies, touches us and influences our emotions like no other source of input or expression. Due to the demands of our daily lives, the increase in stress-related disease in modern society is of little wonder. Stress which might be defined as “an overamping of the nervous system”, has many contributors. Many external as well as internal influences have a proven effect on our well being and so do the sounds of a gong meditation.
The Gong is one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, and is used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present. The Gong is an ideal tool for stress reduction stimulation of the glandular system, and as a facilitator to break up emotional blockages. Sound & music are nutrients for the nervous system. The auditory mechanism is a mega-portal to the brain and sonic tools empower health, learning and productivity. Due to its nature, the Gong resonates all cells of the body simultaneously in a most powerful & effective way. The goal in all healing, meditative, spiritual and transformational pursuits is to raise an individuals’ vibratory frequency, and thereby changing a person’s nature of being, restoring the intrinsic state of balance…
There is no need to register… 15 euros exchange of energy…
Please bring your yoga mat with you if you have one, a thick blanket, a pillow, anything that will help you to lie down comfortably during the Gong bath :-)
Please don’t eat at least 2 hours before you come…
No experience required…

Mantra flow met Fabienne, Garsett en vrienden



Het samen zingen van mantra’s opent je hart.
Ze zijn een nectar voor je ziel.
Hun vibraties tillen je op naar een hoger bewustzijn.
Deze avond ervaren we de vreugde van samen zingen.
De energie stroomt en laat je niet onbewogen, zoals een rivier die zijn weg zoekt naar de bron.

Een vreugdevolle avond vol klank, beweging en stilte.

Tijd: 20.30u-22.00u
Bijdrage: 15 €, studenten 10 €
Graag op voorhand inschrijven via:
Mantra flow with Fabienne, Garsett and friends

The singing of mantras opens your heart.
They are the nectar for your soul.
Their vibrations lift you up to a higher consciousness.

This evening we experience the joy of singing together.
The energy flows and moves you, like a river that finds its way to the source.

A joyful evening full of sound, movement and silence.
Time: 20.30u-22.00u
Contribution: 15 €, students 10 €
Please register in advance:


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