Happy Hormones for ever!!!



Are you suffering from menopausel sympotms? Problems with your periods? Getting pregnant? Then come and join us for 4 workshops Hormone yoga of 3 hours each to learn exercises that will help you to cope with the symptems and balance your hormones…

Teacher: Anne Van de Velde
Language: Dutch
Dates: 4/2, 18/2, 18/3, 25/3
Location: Yogaspot, Lelieplaats 35/37, 2660 Hoboken
Exchange of energy: 130 euros + 20 EUROS for the Manual paid during the first lesson…

If you would like to join, the places are limited please call Anne: 0479 29 52 05 or e-mail:
Hormoonyoga voor vrouwen werd ontwikkeld door Dinah Rodrigues.
Sylvia Mullaart-Bonn ontwikkelde de Fusionhormoonyoga.

De dynamische oefenserie van Dinah Rodrigues wordt correct uitgevoerd en gevolgd. Daarnaast worden de lessen aangevuld met Tao yoga en andere stress reducerende yoga vormen.
Hormoonyoga helpt vrouwen om meer balans te krijgen bij de hormoonschommelingen.

Op een natuurlijke manier kan er weer evenwicht ontstaan, waardoor ook de klachten afnemen.

Hormoonyoga biedt de mogelijkheid om ons vrouwenlichaam te ondersteunen en verlichting te brengen in alle fasen van een vrouwenleven!
Menopauzale klachten, PMS, problemen met menstruatie, vrouwen met een zwangerschapswens kunnen veel baat hebben bij de

De oefenserie bestaat uit dynamische yogaoefeningen (asana’s), een ritmische ademhaling en een energiecirculatie. Gevolg…

Vitaliteit, gezondheid en een balans in de werking van de hormonen!
Hormoonyoga is voor elke vrouw een aanrader (vanaf 35 jaar).
Bespreek bij aanmelding specifieke problemen, soms is de dynamische serie niet voor iedereen geschikt!


Full Moon in Leo – Power of  the Heart
Saturday 11 February 20:00-22:00
Radiate from the heart, and say: “I Will”
Heart & Chest Area


Join Mona for the healing tantric full moon circle… We will start with a Kundalini Kriya to open and balance the Heart meridian, heal during the relaxation to the sounds of the Gong and end up with the Healing Circle…

If you’ve been feeling as though you don’t belong anywhere, maybe it’s because you’re trying to fit yourself into shapes that don’t suit you. This Leo Full Moon is an opportunity to step back and get reconnect with your passions…

This Full Moon in Leo is highlighting the confidence in the natural light of each human soul. We are unique, valuable, special beings with divine intelligence, capable of creating a world of integrated, healthy life for ourselves and our planet.

During this Full Moon, the Leo archetype reminds us that what makes us special is our capacity to know our divine origin through the joy, creativity and love that naturally motivate a healthy human being. Leo’s rulership of the heart is the foundation of our humanity as we become capable of interacting with others. The power of love and attraction emanates from our souls as we recognize those we live with, love with and work with. As we mature, the dynamic energy and force of Leo is meant to be directed toward an expanded, inclusive love for all.

The Leo search for one’s own self, wholeness, and destiny, and the quest for a meaningful purpose to contribute to building a more caring, loving, healed, human world, freed to live out its full destiny for all of humanity. As we face the news, the world and our own work to be, and stay awake, love ourselves, this Full Moon asks that we deepen our trust in the divine unfolding of our universal destiny, vision held firm and steady by a confident Leo heart.

Full Moon in Leo will give us the power to manifest & create our goals in life, contribute to our lives & the world. This is our opportunity to tap into the energy of the moon, and the energy and power of a group. It’s about the power of intention, and the power of prayer. May you all be part of the great oneness – one heart, one world, one love.

The vital lesson to be learned from the Leo, is that talent is not the problem. Everyone has gifts to share. Our challenge is to persevere through our personal transformation so that we can uncover and fearlessly and confidently offer our unique piece to the whole.

The Leo Lion teaches us to open our hearts to ourselves, to accept and enjoy discovering who we are. Self-worth, self-value and self-love open doors to opportunities and blessings that are not available in any other way.When our hearts are open, we transcend the self-righteousness attitude of thinking we know best for everyone else.

The full moon is a perfect time to channel the fullness of emotions to devotion, allowing our hearts centers to open to kindness and compassion., and to guide us closer to our “sat nam”, our truth, our essence of who we really are.

The next full moon on 11 February is in Leo, the lion, which governs the heart meridian. This meridian is considered the seat of spirituality, and the ruler of wisdom and good judgement. The heart also rules clarity of speech. That is why words can touch our heart so deeply, or hurt so deeply. When the heart is strong we radiate especially from the eyes…
The heart is called the ‘King’ of the organs, it commands all of the organs, and houses the spirit. When it is strong and steady, it controls the emotions, when it is weak and wavering, the emotions rebel and prey upon the heart-mind, which then loses its command over the body…
Physiologically, the heart controls the circulation and distribution of blood, and therefore all the other organs depend upon it for sustenance. Thoughts and emotions influence the function of various organs via pulse and blood pressure, which are controlled by the heart, where emotions arise. Internally, the heart is functionally associated with the thymus gland, which is located in the same cavity and forms a mainstay of the immune system. Extreme emotions such as grief and anger have an immediate suppressive effect on the immune system by inhibiting thymus function, a phenomenon that has long been observed but little understood in Western medicine…
The Heart’s associated organ is the Small Intestine; its element is Fire. Long-term memory, thinking, emotions, intimacy, cognition, intelligence, and ideas are all dominated by the function of the Heart. The Heart is sometimes called The Emperor, or “supreme controller of all Yin and Yang organs”. The Heart houses the body’s spirit (Shen). The Heart dominates sleep; if the Heart is strong, you will fall asleep easily and sleep soundly. If the Heart is weak, the mind will “float,” resulting in an inability to fall asleep, disturbed sleep, or excessive dreaming. The Heart’s positive psycho-emotional attributes are love, joy, peace, contentment, propriety, insight, wisdom, orderliness, forgiveness, and courtesy. Its negative attributes are hate, guilt, shock, nervousness, excitement, longing, and craving.

Imbalance or blockage symptoms: Sadness and sorrow, Confused thinking, Emotional ups & downs, Various speech problems, Insomnia, Loss of taste, High blood pressure, Cataracts Nervous or Fearful…

Things to avoid: Too much thinking, time pressure = heart suffers.

There in no need to register, no experience in Kundalini yoga required… Exchange of energy: 15 euros in cash please, per couple 20 euros 🙂

 Valentine’s Day with Mona
Tuesday 14 February 20:00-22:00

“Love Yourself, You Deserve it”


On the day of love Tuesday 14 February we will celebrate an evening to renew our own vows to ourselves: Spirit & Body uniting to “Love the Self” from this day on till death do us apart, through good or bad, sickness or health…

For any relationship to happen first your relationship with yourself has to be filled with acceptance, compassion and love…

Imagine a space where there is no need to seek approval from the outside on any level, where you intrinsically knew being simply YOU is enough… Imagine that YOU trusted yourself completely and felt deserving enough to ask for whatever you needed without fear of rejection, and that YOU can LIVE it now by taking the steps of allowing yourself to be authentically YOU and LOVING yourself – ACCEPTING all of YOU, not what is expected by you or behaving what is socially expected, or needing to be perceived in any particular way –  FREEDOM is here – BE YOU & LOVE your journey. Find your Heart and YOU shall find your way…

There in no need to register, no experience in Kundalini yoga required… Exchange of energy: 15 euros in cash please, per couple 20 euros 🙂