The Lighthouse will cancel all classes in March .

As always, love = immunity ... Stay in your heart! The earth invites us to go inside in silence. ❤️

We are one and kundalini yoga is all about awareness,

connecting to our hearts and trusting our own intuition.

We feel it our responsibility not to put any of you beautiful souls or your families in danger.

Not for a storm and not for a virus.
We need to think not only of our own health but protect those who are vulnerable.
The corona virus is spreading extremely fast. We do not want to bring fear among people,

no need for panic, but if we can stop the virus by staying home, we need to accept it and respect that.
Therefor we will pause the classes until end of March.
We will organise online heart meditations and classes

and will inform you through our FB page and website.

With all of our love
Wage guru
Sigrid, the 2 Marijkes, Lin and Lieve

"2020, is a mirror shaking us to awaken and forces us to see the truth... The earth is teaching us one of the most precious lessons, showing us that the most important thing is our health, not the money not the power because none of those is helpful in stopping it..."

Thank you Mona, to teach us, and for your words 🙏

We hope her words may bring peace and confident in this situation,

and that the silence may bring love to your hearts.

"Be the Lighthouse so no ship can crash near you.

We must be the light so others wil not live in darkness.

That light is our birthright, embrace it. Sat Nam"

~Yogi Bhajan

Do you want to bring a friend?

Who is teaching?

Every Thursday Sigrid will be your guide,

on Sunday Lieve and on Tuesday Marijke, other Marijke or Lin are there for you.

Please check the calendar to see who is teaching.

Depending on who is there, we speak in English 

or Dutch

Our Yoga classes are accessible for all ages,

all gender and all religions.
All you need for a yoga class is offered

free at the lighthouse.

Ware comfortable clothes so you can move freely ... Exchange of energy/class is 12€
or 10 time session card for 100€ (valid for 12 months)
couples: 18€/class - 150€/10 time session card 

Special events tbd

Every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

20:00 - 21:30

Welcome from 19:30

Van Trierstraat 40 - Antwerpen

March Calendar

There will be no teachings in the Lighthouse in March.

We will organize online meditations 

and classes.

Keep you posted

Van Trierstraat 40

2018 Antwerpen

Tel : 485 55 77 96