Full moon


With a grateful heart Mona has decided to take a year break from all teaching activities to travel… All Lighthouse Yoga VZW activities are frozen for one year or until further notice…

You can still join weekly classes with the “LY” love you teachers, Kris, Lin, Marijke & Sigirid on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

For Tuesday classes please contact Kris: 0478 259176

For Thursday classes please contact Sigrid: 0498 441180



Heal with the Full Moon Meditation

Every month on the day of the full moon we offer a ‘ Full Moon ‘ meditation. It is a group meditation ( at least 11 persons) practiced in a tantric healing circle that has a tremendous healing effect. The full moon meditation is accessible to everyone, no need to have any experience in yoga. The healing ring can be used to generate and direct tremendous healing energy towards any person: a member of the circle, someone at a far distance, or someone located in the center of the circle. The participants should focus their minds to listen, and let themselves be filled with the sound, acutely tuning into the call, and then answering.

We normally practice a Kriya (set of exercises) to release the meridian its effecting, depending on the sign the Full moon is in… A healing bath with the Gong… Ending up with the Healing Tantric Circle and a yummy bowl of soup all made with love 🙂

Why meditate on this day?

Like a magnet, the moon pulls on the earth and affects the tides of the ocean. Like the earth – the human body is composed of about 75 % water and so we too are affected by the energies of the moon. The full moon affects the deep ocean of our emotional self – pulling buried emotions to the surface of our consciousness…. During this time, the barriers to the subconscious mind drop to release the vibrations of the past through memories, emotions, buried hurts and pain. If you are aware, this is an opportunity to bring into the light hidden aspects of yourself to heal… All practice effect multiply a thousand fold under the full moon…



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