Transformational Healing Kundalini Weekends

“Happiness is your Birthright”

With this Theme in mind, we open our weekends to everyone…

For those that would like to join all the weekends, any weekend, one day (10:00-17:00),

or half a day (morning session 10:00-13:00) …

By following all the weekends you will receive a Coaching certificate from the Lighthouse…

There is no need to register, no experience required 🙂

The exchange of energy will vary from 120 per weekend to 50 depending on the number of students attending or what each can offer to put in the box… 60 – 40 for a day, 25– 15 for a morning workshop… We will carry each other from a space of consciousness and trust, so that we can cover the rent of the space and expenses and be able to offer those teachings for anyone that needs them…

For Lunch we will be serving a light soup and some fruits for snack 🙂

“Uncoil Yourself To Your Own Potential”

“Kundalini Yoga is uncoiling yourself to find your potential and your vitality and to reach for your virtues. There is nothing from outside. Try to understand that. All is in you. You are the storehouse of your totality.” Yogi Bhajan

As the clouds clear and I move freely through this blissful journey, the lotus flower unfolds and the thousand petals vibrates “Wahe Guru” to embracing both the Yin and Yang that forms all living existence in life…

What is “Uncoiling yourself to your own potential” means to me? Creating a space and setting guidelines through which every human being can express who they are, what there essence is, to reconnect to their own identity…

What helped me to uncoil myself is the pure ancient science of Kundalini yoga that was developed thousands of years but only brought and taught in the west in the late sixties by Yogi Bhajan… What really brought me back home is trusting my own heart to guide my way on…

We are a generation that is lost between the Piscean age and the Aquarian age our mission is the hardest in re-finding ourselves and that’s why in this time there is a lot of burnouts, mental disorders, diseases that no one knows their origin experienced… We were forced through systems and beliefs imposed upon us to disconnect… While we ourselves still deal with the stories of our parents our children deals with our own stories and only by freeing ourselves that we can be liberated…

For all of those reasons and more I am transforming the title of those weekends into “Transformational weekends”.
What to expect ? Nothing, Come as you are, be open to expand in your own breathing space while you peel the layers and observe your unfolding process…

Can I teach this to others? When you spread your wings you will definitely crave to share those healing techniques with others…

What will we be learning? Though the most important thing in Kundalini Yoga is your own experience, we will be exploring the colors of the rainbow through the subtle anatomy of the chakras and the Ten bodies of light, their human talents, their shadow emotions and how to find our way through them back to our heart…

Sat Nam: “To reflect each others truth is to embrace one another’s Journey, for its our own unique colors that forms a rainbow.”

The dates & themes are:

From 10:00-17:00


17-18 March                 Ajna (Third Eye)

                                        Endocrine System

                                        Immune System

                                        Arcline (6th Body of Light)  

                                        “I trust my inner wisdom and honor my intuition                                        

                                       Mantras, Kriyas & Meditations to use for the Sixth Chakra


12-13 May                     Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

                                        Pranic Body

                                       Nervous System

                                        “ Finite To Infinite 

                                         Humility, Transcendence, Tenth Gate, seat of the soul 

                                          Mantras, Kriyas & Meditations to use for the Seventh Chakra


16-17 June                   Aura (8th Chakra)

                                        Subtle Body

                                       Radiant Body

                                        Glandular System

                                       “Oneness, Unconditional Love, Royal Courage 

                                        Mantras, Kriyas & Meditations to use for the Eighth Chakra


New Dates for 2018-2019:

15-16 September

13-14 October

17-18 November

15-16 December

19-20 January

16-17 February

16-17 March

18-19 May

15-16 June





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