Full moon in Pisces with Mona

“Finding Serenity”

Liver Meridian

Tuesday 25 September 20:00-22:00



Join Mona for the healing tantric full moon circle… We will start with a Kriya to balance the liver meridian, heal during the relaxation to the sounds of the Gong and end up with the Tantric Healing Circle…

The Pisces full moon awakens our desire for closure on a deep soul level… As the zodiac’s last sign, the Pisces full moon could shed a light on an area of our lives that we deny or we have been stuck, it reminds us to where to pay attention…

Compassion is a huge Pisces theme, and it’s one of the most healing forces… It reminds us to be compassionate and kind toward the self as well as others…

Forgiveness means release of judgments, grudges, pain and acceptance of what is… Be open and don’t be limited by the ‘how’s and ‘when’s… Pisces is about endings and transitions. It’s time to surrender and accept the things we cannot change…

Pisces, the fish, rules the Liver meridian. Liver relates to anger. By working with the influence of this full moon, it gives us an opportunity to shed old patterns of reacting…  Clearing this energy circuit helps us create a deeper space from where we can breathe… 

The Liver is responsible for planning and creativity, as well as instantaneous solutions or sudden insights, therefore it is considered “The General in Charge of Strategy”…

Its positive psycho-emotional attributes are kindness, benevolence, compassion, and generosity; its negative attributes are anger, irritability, frustration, resentment, jealousy, rage, and depression. The Liver is also called the “root of resistance to fatigue.” Whenever the Liver is not functioning we can experience fatigue as well as physical weakness: Foot pain,Tightness in chest or between shoulders, Nausea or indigestion, Irritability or short temper, Eye conditions…

Through its association with Wood energy, the liver governs growth and development, drive and desires, ambitions and creativity. Obstruction of liver energy can cause intense feelings of frustration, rage, and anger, and these emotions in turn further disrupt liver energy and suppress liver function, in a vicious self-destructive cycle…

This Full Moon message is to turn towards and embrace the truth of who we are aside from anything created around us. To embrace what is left when our identification with things, circumstances, experiences is released… This Full Moon reminds us that the true harvest of our path is experienced within, in the very core of our being, not externally in the trappings of our lives… It reminds us to be open to change and create space from within us to receive…

Yoga to work out anger:

  1. Sit in rock pose, arms parallel to ground, lean back 30º, look straight and do not blink, breathe normally for 3-­31 minutes (longer times better)
  2. Bend left leg hold with arms, right leg out straight and lift to 60º, look straight and keep spine straight, Long deep breathing for 2 min., Then switch legs for another 2 minutes.
  3. Both legs extended, palms on ground by hips, lift up on palms and heels, normal breath 3 min. 4. Remain with both legs extended with palms together overhead, stretch up high, arms hugging the ears, breathe normal for 1-­2 minutes, then completely relax on the back for 5-­10 minutes.

There in no need to register, no experience in Kundalini yoga required… Exchange of energy: 10 euros in cash please, 15 euros per couple 🙂


Would you like to learn how to play the Gong?

Please e-mail us to keep you updated

Connect to the amazing healing powers of some of the planet gongs and learn how to play?

Mona organizes a day on how to play the gong, use the mallets to strike and trust to be guided by them..

Its a light fun way guided by Mona who has been playing the gongs for nearly 9 years and still find it fascinating every time she touches them…

You will get to experience different gongs in different sizes that you get to play yourself too…

After this weekend you can start playing the gong…

A light Vegan Soup will be served for lunch (If you have any allergies please bring your lunch with you but keep it light 🙂

If you interested in following this training, please contact  Mona:  

Exchange of energy 90 euros for the day in cash please  🙂



Starchild Yoga Teacher Training With Siri Arti

30 September- 3 October 2018 🙂


Daily Schedule: 9:30-17:30


Starchild Yogais an education for peace, inspired by Kundalini yoga

and the Montessori philosophy, and is certified.

The vision for Starchild Yogais to bring peace, love and awareness to each child who attends a class, and each adult who offers one.

This is a 50-hour course, to certify adults to teach yoga to children from ages 2 – 18.
It is also known as a conscious parenting course, offering a good grounding on positive parenting.The strength of this course lies in its educational path. Students, who embark on this adventure, find themselves on an intriguing journey of self-discovery. This journey happens through the practice of yoga and meditation explored throughout the course. While learning about yoga for children, you will also take part in the practice of all aspects of a yoga class, over the course of the training. This brings you to a place of self-knowledge, where you are looking within, in order to reach out and make a difference.  The thread throughout the course is to learn how to deliver a yoga class that is functional and elevating, while connecting with the spirit of the child as well.

“Within the child is the person he or she will become.” Maria Montessori

This course is ideal for parents, yoga students and teachers who have a genuine love for children and a background in yoga or education. A minimum yoga practice of two years is needed to apply.


  • Regular Kundalini yoga and meditation sessions for both children and adults
  • Presentation classes led by students and assessed by trainer
  • Lectures plus interactive group work
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Self-development
  • Posture practice


  • Starchild Yoga ethos
  • Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
  • The Role of the Teacher
  • Starchild Yoga and the Montessori concepts
  • How to plan and manage a class
  • Age appropriate Yoga Postures for children
  • Meditation, Pranayama and Relaxation
  • Building your business

Each applicant will receive the following:

  • Starchild Yoga course manual
  • Starchild Yoga music and mantra CD
  • Teaching tool DVD of classes taught by Siri Arti


Exchange of Energy for the 5 days 850 euros.